Goals & Mission



Pinon Community School Facilities.

Our goal is to provide quality education to meet the mandates of the Navajo Nation and Federal Government by promoting unity and harmony within the schools and community, this will place a positive impact on the students and give them the incentive of self-discipline and to be independent.

To Focus on parent involvement and to develop a committee to involve parents to participate in various school events and activities.

By providing a safe, positive, organized and healthy educational environment for students to grow:

Safety – All school buildings and grounds will be maintained and compliant with all safety regulations: The safety of the students, staff and visitors is our main priority. PCS is a drug-free campus.

Positive – All staff, faculty and board members will give students a pat on the back for achievements in all areas of their programs to give them a sense of accomplishment and security: Personnel in contact with students should portray a positive attitude and be available to the needs of students when needed.

Organized and Healthy – Continue with finalization of policies and procedures, upon completion of the handbook/policies & procedures school personnel need to be aware of the changes and implementation of these guideline. In reference to creating a healthy environment to ensure the students and community of their nutritional needs.