About Us

Pinon Community School Board, Inc. meets all the high standards set for a quality school as is established by the North Central Accreditation Committee and the Navajo-North Central Committee. NCS accreditation is your assurance that students receive a high quality education at our school.

In accordance to the NCA Accreditation standards, Pinon Community School Board, Inc. will provide programs designed to meet the changing needs of all students. Students at these different levels of their abilities have broad and changing ranges of maturity with distinct mental, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual needs. The school staff, students, parents, and the community, functioning as partners, is the key ingredient to a successful school year.

Pinon Community School Board, Inc. will provide strong academic programs that will hold and reinforce basic skills while exploring abstract concepts. In order for students to become increasingly responsible community members and develop a quest for a lifetime of learning, we will provide opportunities for positive experiences integrating problem solving and decision making into the curriculum. We support a strong development program from all of the traditional Navajo development capabilities that will provide experience s and challenges designed to address the rapid changes and varied needs of all students regardless of their abilities.